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5th April 2024


Takeout Sushi collaborator meeting!  

It was great to meet writer and illustrator Rebecca Purton, in a Tonkatsu restaurant in Ikebukuro, and discuss among other things the wonderful illustrations she drew for each of the 17 stories in my short story collection “Takeout Sushi”. We had such as good time that we forgot to ask for a photo to be taken until after we had eaten our “katsu curry”!


5th March 2024


School visit! 

It was an honor and a privilege to be invited to UIA International School of Tokyo in Kiba, Tokyo and talk with Grade 1 to Grade 3 children about my “On The Beach” children's books. The teachers were kind and the students wonderful, asking many questions about the books, its characters and the illustrations. I did my best to answer as many of the  questions as I could and I very much hope to be asked to visit again!


20th February 2024


Finalist - The Wishing Shelf Book Awards!

Very happy "The Winter Visitor" has been chosen a finalist of the 2023 The Wishing Shelf Book Awards! 

Category 2: Books for 6 - 8 year olds

Many thanks to Edward (and The Wishing Shelf Gang) for their hard work in running The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, and for supporting independent children's book authors. 

I'm looking forward to the 1st April announcement of the winners, and to getting feedback from the reading groups. 

29th December 2023


Top Ten Self-Published Books 2023!

"The Winter Visitor" has been chosen by The BookBag as one of their top 10 self-published books of 2023!

The Bookbag Top Ten Self-Published Books 2023:

Top Ten Self-Published Books 2023 - book review

This is how The BookBag summarized the book:

"A delightful story about two children who take a polar bear home. Ticks all the right boxes and delivers an ecological message - but leaves you feeling that you've been amused and entertained."

20th October 2023


Reviewed! The Winter Visitor!

"The Winter Visitor" has been reviewed by LoveReading and received some wonderful comments, including the one below.


On the Beach: The Winter Visitor by Chris Green and Jenny Fionda

"A truly compelling story of two children who help a polar bear. A story that has lovely illustrations that help the reader imagine the scenes. The ending is one you would never have dreamed of but, suffice to say, it is a happy one in one way and a sad one in another."


3rd September 2023


Reviewed! The Winter Visitor!

"The Winter Visitor" has been reviewed by The BookBag!

The Bookbag:

On the Beach: The Winter Visitor by Chris Green and Jenny Fionda

Here is a quote from the review:

"As I read, I was put in mind of The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr which is a little dated now. The Winter Visitor has many of the same elements but with a more relevant message for today's readers."

Reading that, I just had to get the The Tiger Who Came to Tea from the library and read it again!


1st August 2023


New book release!


"The Winter Visitor" is a new book in the "On The Beach" series and it has been released by Blossom Spring Publishing today. Yeah!

The story features the children Kit and Teal, their Mum, and the winter visitor - a polar bear - which arrives at the beach riding a large slab of silvery ice. To find out what happens next - please read the book! The book is available on Amazon, only in English, in paperback and Kindle formats.

Amazon UK:

Amazon Japan:

* Only an English-version of the book is available on Amazon Japan.

OutNow-POSTER-The Winter Visitor-Wix.jpg

April 2023


Short story appears in The Font

My short story "The Man Who Couldn't Stop Learning" has been kindly included in the Vol. 1 2023 issue of The Font.


Thanks to Kelly for telling me about this wonderful journal. 


The Font:  

The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Learning

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